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Resources (last updated March 2016)

1. Template - simple “kipper” v9

2. Example (part-completed) v9

3. Template - team “kipper” v13

4. Example (part completed) v13

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I am indebted to Willie Macnair -  an inspiring teacher of rhetoric and originator of the “kipper” design tool which Gareth Bunn Consulting is licensed to use


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Tel: +44 (0) 20 8255 1935

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Elaine Morgan - The descent of woman

Prof Russell Ackoff - Management f-Laws

Mark Forsyth - The elements of eloquence

Stephen Pinker - How the mind works

John Bohannon - PowerPoint or dance

Cicero - On the Ideal Orator

Dan Pink - On motivation

Simon Sinek - Golden Circle

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